New Keysight E36200 and E36300 DC power supplies

Keysight Technologies launched two new series of single and dual output power supplies labeled Keysight E36200 and E36300.

A brief summary of their main features and an overview of the available options:

1) Keysight E36200 Series programmable DC power supplies

New E36200 series provides the same measurement and advance capabilities as the company’s E36300 triple output power supply series, but delivers higher current and higher voltage in single or dual output models. Autoranging and the ability to internally combine outputs deliver higher current at more voltage settings allowing them to cover a wider range of applications.

Customers can easily integrate the Keysight E36200 into their existing system using the rear output terminals, modern I/O and trigger port. The trigger port allows synchronization of other instruments and the ability to add an emergency shutdown control. The E36200 series are standard commands for programmable instrument (SCPI) power supplies with built-in USB, local area network (LAN), and optional general-purpose interface bus (GPIB).

Key features of Keysight’s new 200 and 400 W E36200 series power supplies include:

  • Auto-series and auto-parallel to combine dual outputs into a single 400 W output
  • Low output noise — ripple and noise < 350 µVrms
  • Accurate programming and readback accuracy < 0.04%
  • Accurate local 2-wire and remote 4-wire measurements eliminating the need for an external multimeter
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, and over-temperature to provide layers of device protection

The Keysight E36200 series includes the following models:
E36231A: Autoranging DC Power Supply 30V, 20A, 200W
E36232A: Autoranging DC Power Supply 60V, 10A, 200W
E36233A: Dual Output Autoranging DC Power Supply 30V, 20A, 400W
E36234A: Dual Output Autoranging DC Power Supply 60V, 10A, 400W

Product sheet for download is available HERE.

2) Keysight E36300 Series programmable DC power supplies

Keysight E36300 Series programmable DC power supplies build on the popular E3631A three channel DC power supply. Compared to their predecessors, they offer a new, more user-friendly interface and a host of new features.

New Keysight E36300 Series features a 4.3" color LCD display with the user-interface in style of N6705C top-class power supplies, USB, LAN and GPIB (optional), front and rear output terminals and enhanced features (automatic wiring configuration for series/parallel connection of channels for achievement of higher current/voltage, measurement of small currents, output sequencing and logging of voltage and current measurements with presentation in charts and others).

3 models are available:
E36311A – 3 outputs, 6V, 5A and +- 25V, 1A, 80W, USB
E36312A – 3 outputs, 6V, 5A and 2 x 25V, 1A, 80W, LAN, USB, GPIB - optional
E36313A - 3 outputs, 6V, 10A and 2 x 25V, 2A, 160W, LAN, USB, GPIB – optional

Key features

Higher productivity thanks to the intuitive user interface:

  • 4.3-inch color LCD display
  • Color-coded channels
  • Individual knobs for voltage and current
  • LAN (LXI), USB and GPIB (optional)
  • Digital I / O port
  • Individual on/off on all channels
  • Electrically isolated channels
  • Front and rear output terminals

More features at a lower price (compared to E3631A):

  • Datalogging (voltage/current measurements)
  • Output sequencing
  • Auto series/parallel connections
  • 2-wire or 4-wire remote sense
  • Over Voltage, Over Current and Over Temp protection

More information and product data sheet HERE.

"Migrating the E3631A to the Next-Generation E36300 Series Power Suppliesapplication note is available HERE.



GW Instek GSP-818 Spectrum Analyzer: Solid performance for affordable price

30. 8. 2019

GW Instek’s GSP-818 is a new general purpose spectrum analyzer at a very attractive price, which supports a frequency range of 1.8 GHz and provides testing requirements for RF products during the development/production phases.

GW Instek GPT-12000 Series Electrical Safety Analyzer

30. 8. 2019

GW Instek introduces the flagship model safety analyzer the GPT-12000 series (200 VA output capacity), which is the first safety analyzer in the world to comply with IEC 61010-2-034.

Keysight´s new N5166B CXG multi-functional RF vector signal generator

01. 8. 2019

A new N5166B CXG generators complement Keysight´s portfolio of EXG and MXG RF vector signal generators on entry-level. CXG is a low-cost, multi-functional RF vector signal generator, used in general-purpose and educational applications.

Next generation of Keysight FieldFox handheld RF analyzers

04. 7. 2019

Keysight Technologies have introduced next generation of FieldFox handheld spectrum analyzers at IMS 2019 tradeshow.

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