High Voltage Optically Isolated Probes PMK FireFly® Series

22.02.2024 07:10

High Voltage Optically Isolated Probes PMK FireFly® Series

  • Ideal for GaN / SiC devices measurements
  • Best-in-class >1.5GHz bandwidth, <300ps rise time
  • Stable over wide temperature range, low offset drift
  • >180dB CMRR from DC to 500kHz, 80dB at 1GHz
  • Differential voltage up to 2500 V;  ±60 kV common mode voltage
  • Wide range of test adapters
  • Quiet operation, no fan
  • Complete galvanic isolation
  • Universal BNC interface - Use with any oscilloscope

PMK FireFly® high-voltage optically isolated probes enable accurate measurement of small differential signals in the presence of large harmonic voltages (high CMMR up to 180 dB). At the same time, they offer high bandwidth (1.5 GHz) and are thus applicable for measurements on state-of-the-art fast semiconductor switching devices. The probe is optically isolated and the input voltage can reach up to 60 kV. The probe is primarily designed for measurements on GaN and SiC transistors in modern power supply and converter circuits.

The probe head is terminated with a standard SMA connector to which any of the supplied flexible extensions containing a voltage divider can be connected. This divider determines the range of the measurable differential voltage (up to 2,500 V). The extensions are terminated with the MMCX connector, which is widely used in this field. If required, a comprehensive range of adapters is also available to allow different ways of connection to the measured circuit (classic pins, hooks, ...). The compact angular design of the probe head allows the use of shorter extensions with measuring pins or connectors, which reduces the distortion of the measured signal.

The PMK FireFly® probe head is powered by an easily replaceable standard battery that provides continuous operation for approximately 15 hours. PMK FireFly® probes have a universal BNC output connector and are compatible with any oscilloscope with a 50Ω or 1MΩ input impedance. To accurately compensate the transmission delays, each probe is calibrated prior to shipment and the probe's delay is indicated on its label.

The PMK FireFly® probes can be operated using the controls located on the interface module or via software. The PMK Probe Control software allows the user to control the probe remotely via a computer or oscilloscope. The software is free of charge and is included with the PMK PS-02 / PS-03 2-channel and 4-channel power supplies required to power the probe. Both power supplies have a USB interface and are available with an optional LAN interface. Also available is the AP-01 single channel battery power supply which provides over 8 h of operation without the need for a mains connection.

Detailed technical specifications of optical isolated PMK FireFly probes can be downloaded below.



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