The Next Generation of Signal Source Analysis in One-Box

05.02.2024 09:50

Keysight E5058A SSA-X Signal source analyzer

The Keysight SSA-X signal source analyzer provides precise and accurate measurements in one box. Comprehensive and versatile, this solution evaluates the phase noise and other relevant parameters for RF signals up to 54 GHz. Flexible measurement settings and a modern user interface improve measurement efficiency, while application support through software expands measurement coverage to meet new requirements.

  • Achieve accuracy and precision in both absolute and residual phase noise measurements with an ultra-low noise sensitivity and cross-correlation method.
  • Gain accurate and precise residual phase noise measurement up to 54 GHz with the built-in, clean internal signal source and advanced path delay compensation technology.
  • Measure the absolute phase noise of your devices under test (DUTs) higher than 54 GHz by configuring the external mixers and power dividers.
  • Evaluate your DUTs from additional and different aspects using the two-port vector network analysis (VNA) option.
  • Analyze voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) with more flexibility by using clean DC voltage (two channels) and tuning voltage outputs.
  • Improve the evaluation quality and efficiency using the modern multi-window display.
  • Solve your unique measurement requirements effectively and efficiently by using application software. The new S96302B Precision clock jitter analysis is available for clock / serial / deserializer (SerDes) / phase-locked-loop (PLL) evaluations in high-side driver (HSD) applications. The S96302B is compatible with the E5001A SSA-J software.

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Keysight E5058A SSA-X Signal source analyzer

05. 2. 2024

A high-performance, versatile one-box solution for phase noise and signal source analysis (SSA) covering up to 54 GHz RF signals and higher using external modules

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