Microrad NHT 3DL Signal Analyzer – New reference meter for the European Directive 2013/35/EU

08.10.2019 06:16

Microrad NHT 3DL Signal Analyzer – New reference meter for the European Directive 2013/35/EU

Microrad company introduced a new NHT 3DL signal analyzer designed to measure electromagnetic fields in compliance with all the main international standards and regulations.

A new powerful, light, compact, fully non-magnetic NHT 3DL analyzer offers a frequency range 100 kHz – 40 GHz (wide band mode) or DC – 1 MHz (selective mode), on board measurements of electromagnetic field characteristics in both time and frequency domains or weighted peak measurement (WP10) in real time and  can be completely remotely controlled via fiber optic or wireless (Wi-Fi) connections.

Analyzers are equipped with a section for complex signal analysis composed of an FFT analyzer and an oscilloscope, working in several modes:

Broadband operating mode with RF probes from 100 kHz to 40 GHz, specifically designed for the radar sources recognition and measurement, allows demodulation of the pulse signal base band up to 500 ns, with automatic measurement of Tau, PRF and Duty Cycle values.

FFT Analysis mode covers 1 MHz band in four decades, 1/10/100/1,000 kHz with 1.000 points resolution per decade and includes automatic peak search markers.

Oscilloscope mode - displays high-definition time frames with manual trigger function and Amplitude/Time marker.

With over 24 hours of operating autonomy, virtually unlimited memory and the ability to adapt to future regulatory requirements using its completely reprogrammable system and structure, NHT 3DL is suitable for use in the areas of 5G applications, automotive/railway electric traction industry, medical diagnostics field and wherever regulated industrial activities exist.

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H TEST is now an authorised distributor of ETS Lindgren solutions

13. 8. 2020

Starting August 1st 2020 H TEST Group became an authorized distributor of ETS Lindgren for the region covering Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary. ETS Lindgren is a world leading manufacturer of systems and solution for EMC, RF and OTA testing.

See more, do more and save time with NEW Keysight Infiniium MXR-Series, the world's first 8-Channel RTSA Oscilloscope

18. 5. 2020

Seeing intricate interactions of complex designs means seeing more signals in new ways. Get from symptom to resolution fast by coupling the efficiency of an 8-in-1 bench solution with unprecedented simultaneous 8 channel performance of Keysight´s NEW MXR-Series oscilloscopes.

Keysight's most used design and simulation software tools are now free for 90 days!

31. 3. 2020

Do you also have to work from home? Do you not have access to your instruments or do you need to access your instrumentation to your employees who cannot normally work in your laboratory? Keysight Technologies launches “Innovate anywhere” program to help you continue your projects no matter where you work from.

The new generation of Keysight DSOX1000 2-channel oscilloscopes: Cutting-edge technology at an affordable price

01. 3. 2020

Keysight Technologies has introduced a new generation of 2-channel oscilloscopes of its DSOX1000 series. Like previous generations, they excel in their price/performance ratio and adding some new standard features and equipment.

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