New 30 kW regenerativ two-quadrant DC power supplies Keysight RP7980

06.08.2021 07:51

New 30 kW regenerativ two-quadrant DC power supplies Keysight RP7980

With the new 30 kW sources RP7982A & RP7983A counts the family of two-quadrant DC power supplies RP7900 now totally 12 different models. All models are able in the load mode to regenerate power back to the grid with up to 90% efficiency. This significantly reduces electricity usage and heat dissipation during the tests.

RP7982A maximum output voltage is 1000 V, for RP7983A is output voltage up to 2000 V. Users can connect in parallel up to 20 units and create two-quadrant DC power supply with total power up to 600 kW.

All RP7900 family power supplies have following features:

  • generating fast voltage and current transients (sub ms range)
  • integrated arbitrary generator
  • internal digitizers for precize measurements of output voltage and current
  • special photovoltaic emulation modes
  • complex set of DUT and user protection functions
  • compatible with BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software

Detailed technical specifications of regenerative DC power supplies RP7900 are available HERE.



EMC measurement in the field and lab

19. 10. 2021

New EMI measurement option turns Keysight FieldFox handheld spectrum analyzer into powerfull EMC analyzer.

Two oscilloscopes for the price of one!

06. 9. 2021

Purchase ANY new 8-channel Keysight Infiniium MXR Series or EXR Series oscilloscope and get DSOX4034A 350 MHz 4-channel oscilloscope worth 10.775 EUR for FREE.

Keysight N9320C spectrum analyzers

03. 9. 2021

Everyone can afford now to measure up to 20 GHz!

NanoVolt/MicroOhm meter Keysight 34420A is back!

06. 8. 2021

After complete redesign the multimetr is fully RoHS compliant and therefor available at our market again.

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