Multi-channel Frequency Counter/Analyzer Pendulum CNT-102

14.05.2024 11:50

Multi-channel Frequency Counter/Analyzer Pendulum CNT-102

The Pendulum CNT-102 is a new model in the Pendulum CNT-100 counter family. You can track parallel frequency, phase, or time simultaneously on 2 input channels on the large graphic screen. The instrument have 14 ps resolution, up to 13 digits/s frequency resolution, and a measuring speed of 1M results/s.

  • High-performance: 2-channel, ultra-high speed and 14 ps resolution

The very-high resolution gives better insights into the design under test, faster results in phase comparisons between clocks, more accurate calibration, and allows capture of very small time/phase changes. You can track and compare 2 parallel signals with 14 ps resolution/timestamp, at a speed of 1µs between samples in each channel. CNT-102 has a unique parallel and independent two 400 MHz channel design, plus an optional RF input going up to 24 GHz.

  • Outstanding ease-of-use – color touch screen and intuitive menus

The big color touch screen with its intuitive menus, lets you make your settings via a simple finger touch. Alternatively, you can connect a mouse to the USB host port and make your settings via mouse clicks on the screen instead. Or you can use the web-server interface to control CNT-102 from a large PC-screen. The intelligent AUTO SET will help you to make the best settings for each measurement function.

  • Full flexibility for remote control

The CNT-102  comes as standard with a Gbit Ethernet interface for remote control and data transfer. A USB 2.0 communication interface is also avalable. You can access and control the instrument from your lab bench, or from anywhere in the world, using the integrated web server.

  • Very flexible configuration

The CNT-102 can be configured as you like to fit performance demands and/or budget. You can  add an optional third channel C for RF frequency measurements (choose either a 3, 10, 15, 20, or 24 GHz range), choose between 3 timebase oscillator options, add an optional 0.5 Hz to 100 MHz pulse generator or optional TIE (Time Interval Error) measurement function.

  • Modulation Domain Analysis

The CNT-102 features built-in modulation domain analysis, displaying frequency changes vs. time. Thanks to the high resolution, and the high measurement speed you can follow and verify for example FM, FSK, BPSK, PWM, PPM and other time, phase, or frequency modulation schemes, frequency sweep, frequency transients, frequency instability incl. jitter.

For more detailed info please see Pendulum CNT-102 Data sheet:



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